About Us

The Georgia Food Bank Association is composed of seven regional Feeding America food banks and maximizes their impact by collaborating on strategic initiatives, advocating on their behalf and coordinating statewide efforts. Together, we are leading a statewide effort to end hunger in Georgia.

Our member food banks work with more than 2,000 pantries distributing food throughout Georgia to 156,500 unique individuals each week, adding up to more than 130 million pounds each year. You can find your food bank here.

What does the Georgia Food Bank Association do?

collaborating across the state of Georgia


We form statewide partnerships with public and governmental organizations, corporations, foundations, and different industries to secure and leverage resources to support our food banks.

  • Statewide Industry Food and Fund Drive Competitions
  • Capacity Building Grants
  • Childhood Hunger Innovation Summit
advocating across the state of Georgia


We educate legislators and the public about the work of our food banks and advocate for policies that support our mission to end hunger.

  • Georgia State Tax Exemptions
  • Federal USDA Programs
  • National Conferences and Events
coordination across the state of Georgia


We help coordinate the logistics of efforts that involve multiple food banks to maximize efficiency.

  • Disaster Response
  • Strategic Planning and Best Practice Convenings
  • Farm to Food Bank Program

What do the Food Banks do?

Georgia’s seven regional food banks vary in location and size, but they all serve as critical food storage and distribution depots for smaller front line agencies in their service areas. Each month, powered by thousands of volunteers, they collect and distribute millions of pounds of nutritious foods. Here’s how it works:

Secure Food

The food banks, using a fleet of trucks and refrigerated vehicles, secure donations of surplus and in-kind food from grocery manufacturers, retailers, farmers, and government programs.

Store Food

The food banks receive, sort, and safely store the food and grocery products including non-perishable items in massive warehouse spaces.

Distribute Food

The food banks distribute food and grocery items through their agency partners. The partners can order food through an online system for pick-up or delivery.

It starts with food, but it doesn’t stop there.

While the food banks’ core work is food distribution, their efforts extend far beyond that. On our Find Your Food Bank page you’ll be able to find your food bank’s website and learn more about how they are ending hunger in your community.