Created in 1985, the Georgia Food Bank Association (GFBA) is a membership association comprised of seven regional food banks in Georgia, which collectively distribute more than 130 million pounds of food annually to over 2,000 partner nonprofits with food assistance programs throughout the state. The GFBA food banks share food, resources and best practices to help close the meal gap and ensure a hunger-free Georgia.

The Association was created in a statewide effort to support the food security of low-income and needy individuals, families and households, through their efforts and in support of their member food banks. Its role is to maximize the impact of member food banks.

  • Identify and facilitate the sharing of best practices
  • Advocacy and Public Awareness about hunger issues and the role of food banks in combating hunger
  • Seeking sources of funding, food and resources to meet the needs of the hungry through the Association and its member food banks
  • Building alliances and other relationships that advance the mission of the Association and its members

The food banks are members of Feeding America, the national network of more than 200 food banks.