Act Today

There is no human need more basic than hunger. Our food banks work hard every single day to get food to those who need it, but ending hunger is a team effort and we need your support to make it happen. Partner with us and contribute your funds or time towards a hunger-free Georgia.


Donate your dollars to support our programs and member food banks. On average, every $1 donated to a food bank can help provide 4 meals to those in need. You can donate directly to one our member food banks, participate in one of our industry competitions, or contact us directly to learn how you can give through statewide grants or fundraisers.


Advocate on behalf of your neighbors in need. We know that when the public contacts their lawmakers, they listen. Help us educate our leaders so they can join the fight to end hunger. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page, and follow us on social media to stay on top of the most pressing policy issues impacting the food banks and those we serve. Your voice can make a difference!


Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the state with our member food banks for both individuals and large groups. Go to our Georgia Food Banks page to find your local food bank. Volunteers are the backbone of our food bank’s operations. Your time and talents are invaluable!