ADVOCACY PARTNERS – Your Voice Makes a Difference

STATE LEVEL – Important sales and use tax exemptions for bulk purchase of food by qualified Food Banks and sales and use tax exemptions for food and food ingredients donated to food banks for hunger relief were renewed until 2020 & 2021 by the Georgia General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal in May 2016!  These exemptions allow the food banks to distribute millions of additional meals every year!

The bulk purchase exemption as well as sales and use tax exemptions for prepared food donated for hunger or disaster relief were endorsed by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce Committee on Economic Development and Workforce Readiness , the Georgia Municipal Association, the Georgia Restaurant Association, the Georgia Beverage Association, the Georgia Food Industry Association, American Red Cross, Chatham Emergency Management Agency, Voices for Georgia’s Children, Georgia Center for Nonprofits.



Ensuring that our children have access to nutritious meals at school, in after-school programs, and during the summer when school is out will pay dividends to Georgia in the form of a healthy and well educated workforce that will attract more jobs and businesses to our state.  We are making members of Congress aware of innovations needed in these programs so that they reach more kids:

Our priorities:

  • Streamlining to reduce paperwork
  • Alternative delivery options for meals in rural and urban areas where group meals (congregate feeding) are not feasible.  Options like grab and go or meal delivery are needed.
  • Summer EBT for areas where there are no meal sites open


Georgia’s 8 Feeding America food banks are the sole distribution network for USDA commodities that are part of the TEFAP  Program (Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program).  About 25% of the food they distribute comes from this program, which is funded through the Nutrition Title of the Farm Bill.  Please join us in urging Congress to increase funding for vital nutrition programs like these.  We think programs like these are good investments that help the most vulnerable children, seniors and low income families in Georgia.   SNAP (Food Stamps) are also an efficient way to provide temporary assistance to low income children and seniors.  SNAP benefits are Temporary, Timely and Targeted.  Georgia has one of the lowest fraud rates in the country – less than 1% –  so you can be confident that the assistance is going to the people who need it most.  Other effective programs in the Farm Bill include the National School Lunch Program, Summer and After School Meals for children 18 & under.   Join us in supporting the nutrition programs in the Farm Bill!